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At TMS packaging we offer you the best in packaging supplies and everything in between our mission is to provide you and your business with quality products that you can rely on and there is nothing more important than quality when it comes to having happy employees and customers.

Toilet paper is one of life's little pleasures. Everyone knows that a quality toilet roll is everything whether it's at home or at work everyone wants to have quality toilet paper.

Remember in the time of the pandemic, toilet paper was the most sought-after resource globally. we have taken notice of this and have taken it into serious consideration to the point of ensuring that our supply never runs out.

We offer you a range of premium toilet roll and toilet paper whether you are stocking up to sell or stocking up to use yourself or for your office. Give your employees a feeling of being cared for when they use the office bathroom by providing them with quality toilet rolls.

We have partnered with one of the best manufacturers of toilet paper, to ensure that we offer you an ultra-soft toilet roll and toilet paper at an affordable price. You can choose between our Puro 2-ply jumbo toilet roll or a variety of others that we have to offer in our catalog to make your washroom a place that your employees and or visitors appreciate.

Make toilet paper a luxury for your employees and even your customers by providing the very best on the market. Make things a bit sweeter for them in the washroom by adding some hand towels and some hand roll towels perhaps for those moments when they need to either clean up spills or after they've washed their hands. a good work environment needs to have the proper hospitality and washroom supplies to ensure that not only you but your employees and even customers who may buy from you feel comfortable enough to know that a basic human need is taken care of.

Shop and browse our catalog for a wide selection of premium toilet paper and toilet roll that are not only good quality but great value for money. Get it all, just a click away.
Having a busy office or establishment means your restroom gets plenty of traffic. This can be a nightmare if you are not using Puro Jumbo Toilet Roll because the costs of replacing all those smaller rolls can indeed stack up quite fast. Save time, money, and the chance of a customer walking into a toilet paperless restroom today.

Product Specs:
QTY: 8 Rolls Per Carton
Dimensions: 9.0cm x 300m
Ultra-soft toilet paper

Puro 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Roll

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