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Truck wash is a specialised cleaning solution designed to clean and protect truck surfaces. Here are some of the many benefits of using truck wash cleaner:

Effective Cleaning:
Truck wash is specifically formulated to cut through tough grime and dirt on truck surfaces. It can remove oil, grease, bugs, and other tough-to-remove substances, leaving your truck shiny.

Protects Truck Surfaces:
Truck wash can protect your truck surfaces from environmental damage. It can prevent corrosion, oxidation, and other types of damage that can occur due to exposure to the elements.

Safe for Surfaces:
Many truck wash detergents are safe to use on all surfaces, including painted metal, aluminium, fibreglass, and chrome. This means you can use the same detergent on all parts of your truck without worrying about damaging surfaces.

Saves Time:
Using a specialised truck wash can save you time by effectively cleaning your truck surfaces in less time than it would take to scrub everything by hand.

Reduces Maintenance Costs:
Regular use of truck wash can prevent damage to your truck surfaces, reducing your maintenance costs and extending the life of your vehicle.

Product Specs:
20 Litre
Easily removes oil and dirt
This truck wash is safe on all paint finishes.
Truck Wash

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