Bubble Bags, The best thing to come from Bubble Wrap

Bubble Bags, The best thing to come from Bubble Wrap

Mo Kassaby

Bubble bags are protective pouches made from bubble wrap. They are perfect for use in different industries for added convenience and safety measures when packaging.

Bubble bags are made from polyethylene consisting of air bubbles that protect the package from impact by acting as a cushion. They also insulate items inside the package from any and all temperature changes ensuring that your package arrives in tip-top shape. This material bubble bags are also made from, take the role of a barrier keeping their packets safe from water dirt and dust which can be very damaging to electronics, clothes and food packages.

Some Bubble Bags are also eco-friendly, with features that make them reusable, resealable and long lasting. Unlike those we use once and then dispose of. These bags are a good value for money too.

It's quite clear that bubble bags are a very effective component to ensuring that you keep your packages safe and clean while they are in transit. In this article we will be talking about different types of packaging bags or pouches and also their uses.

Types Of Bubble bags/Pouches on the market:
  • Flush Cut Bubble Pouches

Flush Cut Bubble Pouches are reusable. This means they also fall under eco-friendly packaging.

  • Self-Seal Bubble Pouches

Self-Seal Bubble Pouches come with a seal, (it says it all in the name!). This gives you the added convenience of not having to wrap your package over and over trying to ensure it is properly covered and will not fall out. Just insert, seal and you're good to go.

  • Super Duty Self-Seal Bubble Pouches

Super Duty Self-Seal Bubble Pouches are a great option for shipping and packaging heavy and fragile items. The bubble is positioned between layers of polyethylene which helps products slide in and out of the pouch much easier.

  • Anti-Static Self-Seal Bubble Pouches

Pink Anti-Static Bubble Pouches (yes they also come in pink!) provide cushioning and static protection.

  • Bubble Recloseable Bags

Bubble Recloseable Bags are made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). They have a zipper which makes them reusable. These bags also fall under eco-friendly packaging.

Bubble Bags are the most commonly used material for safe packaging, they come in a variety of sizes and colours. Although Bubble bags differ in size they are usually used for shipping and packaging smaller items. There are many other uses for Bubble bags, which we will discuss in the next section.

Different Uses For Bubble Bags

You don't have to be I'm the e-commerce industry to use or need packaging supplies like Bubble Bags. Bubble Bags have a certain versatility which is beneficial for everyday use.

  • Protecting Supplies When traveling

Bubble Bags can be used for the Protection of your tools and supplies when traveling when you're on the go.

  • Protect Gadgets On The Go

Ever notice that when you buy your gadgets and electronics they are usually placed in a bubble bag or wrapped in bubble wrap? This is because bubble bags are perfect for protecting these devices from any damage while making their way to you. But you can continue protecting your devices like your phone which is at risk of having a cracked screen from colliding with other items in your bag. Use this simple hack; by placing it in a bubble bag before putting it in your purse, bag or briefcase, you avoid having it be cracked or broken from the impact of other items that move around in your bag or purse.

  • Pack Fragile Items When Moving

Moving can be a headache shaming you factor in the amount of loss and damage one goes through due to inadequate packing. Breakable items suffer the most when moving because breaking is a norm. But you can reduce this or completely avoid it by packing your fragile and breakable items in bubble bags, you stand to protect them from cohesion and impact when in transit. And if you want to take your time unpacking your items will be protected from dust too.

Bubble bags are versatile, convenient and affordable. They can be found at numerous packaging supply stores. You can visit TMS Packaging for all your quality Bubble Bag packaging needs.