Plastic Buckles, From Fashion to Cargo

Plastic Buckles, From Fashion to Cargo

Mo Kassaby

When you hear the word buckle what comes to mind might usually be the image of having something secured or tied down. A buckle is loosely described as “a device that is used for fastening two loose ends with one attached to it and the other held by a catch in a secure but adjustable manner.”

Although buckles have existed for centuries the evolution is quite evident from first being made from very heavy material like iron to moving on to plastic making them more convenient, lighter, and easy to use for different reasons. Today they are used to secure cargo, keep items strapped, or seal items. The most common type of buckles that are in use today are the plastic buckles which are commonly for everyday use; from baby car seat strapping, prams, seat belts, certain bags such as school bags, suitcases, and even more recently plastic buckles have been used or turned into a fashion statement.

You may see people having a plastic buckle belt strapped around the waist to keep their pants up. Also, specific garments actually have plastic buckles as a part of the overall look.

There are many different types of buckles in use today, in this article, we will talk about the most common plastic buckles you can find on the market.

Cam Buckle

This type of buckle has a lever that passes the strap through the fastener's bottom. In order to tighten the strap, you need to release the cam lever until the strap is properly rigid.

The length of the strap is adjustable by pushing the lever down to pull the strap. This type of buckle is often used for securing cargo.

Ratchet Buckle

The Ratchet buckle is also used for tying down straps. It is often preferred for use when there is a need for greater strength compared to the Cam Buckle.

With the Ratchet buckle, you can keep the strap tightened while in use, and pulling on the strap helps remove slack.

Side Release Buckle

The side release buckle is the most common for recreational use. It can be adjusted and released by painting the size of one end which is referred to as the male end of the buckle freeing it from the other end which is referred to as the female end of the buckle.

This buckle is often made from metal and plastic materials (plastic buckles) and it also comes in different sizes and single or double releases.

Tie Buckle

The typical is mostly used in the Industrial and agricultural sectors; it is used for securing hose, tubing, pipes, and poles.

This buckle is made from plastic or metal and can be used to fasten stainless steel bands, wire, and plastic strapping.

There are many other types of buckles available on the market although plastic buckles are the most popular in use today whether it's for fashion, industrial, agricultural use, or any sector that uses buckles as an everyday tool.

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