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Types of strapping accessories and their benefits

Shams Eneim

Securing packages requires a lot of caution and the proper use of the correct accessories. Strapping is another form of securing packages for transit. The best way to ensure that packages have been strapped efficiently is by using the proper strapping accessories for specific packaging. 

When it comes to strapping accessories, there are several varieties one can choose from, and each of these different types has its benefits.

This article will discuss different types of strapping accessories and their benefits.

Types of strapping accessories and their benefits 

  • Steel Strapping Accessories 
  • Steel strapping accessories are famous for being the sturdiest materials in the industry. This accessory is a durable metal strap that is made from a variety of steel alloys. It helps secure and maintain heavy loads and reduces the chances of damage. 

    Steel strapping is less likely to lose shape when your packages are in transit or shipment. It even protects hard corners and sharp edges. This is because the steel is firm and does not let items have any space to move around.

    Using a steel strap as your choice of strapping accessory can be expensive because it is the most costly strapping tool on the market. 

    Benefits of using steel strapping accessories 

    • Very strong and durable 
    • Easily secures packages and keeps them from moving when in transit 
    • Protects hard corners and sharp edges 

    There are four different types of steel strapping accessories. These include stainless steel strapping, regular steel, high-tensile, and Zinc-coated strapping. 

  • Polypropylene Strapping Accessories 
  • Although it differs from steel strapping, polypropylene is also highly efficient and effective. It is cost-effective and ideal for lighter workloads. These accessories are commonly used when storing food products, timber, and lightweight packages. They’re often used when stored, or transported items are not at high risk of damage because they only require low retained tension—used when keeping food products, timber, and lightweight packages. They’re often used when stored, or transported items are not at high risk of damage because they only require low-retained attention. 

    These accessories provide high elongation, which is more beneficial for fragile loads or loads requiring short transportation time.

    Polypropylene strapping accessories come in various colours, widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations. This is ideal for customers interested in customising their polypropylene accessories because they can easily have their brand name for marketing purposes. 

     Benefits of using polypropylene strapping accessories 

    • Ideal for bundling newspapers, timber, and pipes 
    • Attaching loads to pallets 
    • Baling textiles 
    • Sealing and securing cartons 
    • Sealing coils of steel or rolls of paper 

  • Polyester Strapping Accessories 
  • Polyester strapping accessories are very similar to polypropylene strapping accessories. This is because they are both lightweight and cost-effective compared to steel strapping accessories. 

    Polyester strapping accessories are famous for their durability and strength. Polyester strapping accessories are ideal for loads that shrink and settle after cooling. Polyester is cost-effective when compared to other stripping accessories. It is durable and trustworthy because it can manage heavy loads like steel.

    The material is resistant to the elements and ultraviolet dictation. This prevents the straps from getting weak over time when stored outdoors. It is reliable and can even resist humid and wet weather conditions.

    Due to its high amount of retained attention, it has a high endurance capacity for almost any impact it encounters. 

    Playing it is also a different process; However, most strapping accessories can be applied by hand; this is different from polyester strapping, as it requires manual or automatic tools to help make the application process easier on pallets, packages, and other packaging items.

    Benefits of using polyester strapping accessories 

    • Decrease environmental impact 
    • Lightweight
    • Water and rust resistant 
    • Reduced freight weight 
    • Recyclable 

    Final thoughts 

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