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Plastic sheets are utilised daily for an incredibly diverse range of purposes. Every day, plastic sheeting is used in an assortment of applications across the globe, from food packaging to covering dirt mounds at construction sites to covering buildings. Gardeners use plastic sheeting to prevent weeds from growing in their gardens. A thicker version is used to avoid sidewalk damage from weed roots.

What can you use a plastic sheet for?
The following are some standard applications for plastic sheeting:
-If everything needs to be covered, including food, machinery, flooring, walls, furniture, plants, dirt, or blemishes,
-If something needs to be shielded from other threats like shipping damage, UV rays, fire, static, rain, paint, debris, vapour barriers, roots, or dust.
-The use of plastic sheeting is crucial for disaster preparedness. To build a temporary shelter, plastic sheeting that has been strengthened with string is utilised.

Product Specs:
25kg Roll
Suitable for wrapping palletised packages and goods
Available in two sizes
Black Centrefold Plastic Sheet

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