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Protecting pallets is crucial because when pallets are not adequately protected, items are more likely to get damaged during transit. Factors such as the environment, weather, etc are things to look out for when protecting your pallets. At TMS Packaging are dedicated to providing high-quality packaging products that are reliable and efficient. Our dedication to ensuring that your products are safe when in transit has led to us working with the best manufacturers in the industry. Rest assured that any packaging products you purchase from us will do an excellent job.

Benefits of using pallet bags

Pallet bags can be used for product organisation.
Besides protecting your products, pallet bags can help you organise your items accordingly before storage or transit. You can use pallet bags to group specific products so that locating and tracking your products is easier in the long run.

They protect your goods.
This is the main reason pallet bags are used; they help to efficiently protect products from dirt, dust, rain, UV light, humidity and more. Using pallet bags is ideal for sensitive and fragile products.

They are customisable
Pallet bags can be customised to carry your company image. They can be branded, making it much easier to keep track of goods because the pallet bags will be unique to your brand.

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 48 Bags Per Carton
  • Pallet bags help secure goods
  • Helps keep goods dust and damage-free when stored
  • Fits standard-sized pallets
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Clear
Pallet Bag

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