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There are a variety of products to protect packages better. But polybags are growing and are almost as famous as corrugated cardboard; they use less material than corrugated boxes. Polybags are also cost-effective in shipping and eco-friendly. Like other flexible packaging, polybags have a significantly low carbon footprint compared to corrugated cardboard boxes and rigid packaging supplies.

Due to the rise in popularity, numerous businesses opt for polybags instead of other traditional packaging options. This choice has led to notable cost savings for shipping companies and reduced waste for customers to dispose of.

Our polybags are manufactured by the best in the business and of high quality; the high strength prevents them from easily tearing, which makes them reliable.

Common Polybag uses:

Polybags are commonly used for numerous products, such as clothing, magazines, mail, blankets, pillows, and other popular goods. Poly bags are ideal for transparent packaging, which allows customers to see what’s in the package, and makes for easy scanning during shipping and inventory.

Polybags are perfect for keeping goods dry, even when used as a DIY method for keeping personal belongings from spilling, such as cosmetics, water bottles, and other liquids when traveling.

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 50 to 1,000 Per Carton
  • Poly Bags are the perfect solution for storing and packaging various products.
  • It may be used for food, jewellery, stationary, etc.
  • It comes in a variety of different sizes.

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