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How you package your products determines their shelf life and whether or not they can withstand whatever circumstances faced when in transit or storage. There are various ways to protect goods through packaging, but only a few are highly effective and reliable.
Using polytube for packaging is one of the few ways to safeguard goods efficiently.

The benefits of using PolyTube for packaging.

PolyTube packaging is lightweight.
Polytube packaging is lightweight, which benefits your business because shipping costs will remain the same and not hurt your pocket. The added benefit is that being lightweight means reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s cost-effective.
Using polytube for packaging gives more control over how much your goods cost. Commonly, the thinner a material is, the more likely it will cost less. Not to mention, due to its lightweight nature, shipping costs are much lower.

You can customise your bag sizes.
Polytube packaging allows you to customise your bags according to the package size that needs wrapping. This also makes it long-lasting because measuring the amount you need prevents overuse and material waste.

It provides efficient protection.
Protection is guaranteed because poly-tubing can be sealed on both ends and efficiently protect goods from damage from leaking or outside elements. This means that there is a lower chance of goods having moisture damage.

Product Specs:
  • Available in 10 to 25-kg rolls
  • Polytube can be heat sealed for a custom fit
  • Perfect for packaging small to medium-sized items
  • ideal for warehouse and office use
  • It helps protect items from dust, dirt etc.

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