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Liquid hand soap is essential for various public spaces, especially public restrooms and kitchens. Buying it in bulk, like our 5 Litre Hand Soap, is ideal for places where numerous people use it after activities.

TMS packaging provides high-quality liquid hand soap designed to leave skin feeling smooth, smelling fresh, and moisturised.

We understand that soap like this needs to be gentle on the skin because it is often used in public places and will cater to people of different skin types. This is why it is essential to have soap dispensers in these areas.

Benefits of having soap dispensers in public areas

They are less messy compared to using bar soap.

Soap dispensers are designed for convenience and simplicity. One in the restroom makes for a clean, tidy wash place by the basin. Also, bar soaps lead to germ sharing, which we are trying to avoid.

Refillable dispensers work best.

Choosing a refillable dispenser is cost-effective, especially if you pair it with our liquid hand soap. With refillable dispensers, you stock up on soap approximately once a month compared to having to buy multiple bar soaps or bottles of hand wash in bulk.

They allow a controlled amount of soap to be used.

With dispensers, your 5 Litres of liquid hand soap stand to last a bit longer because people will only be using about 2-3 squirts per wash. This saves money because there will be no need to constantly re-stock hand soap.

Product Specs:

  • 5 Litre Hand Soap
  • Keeps hands nice and moisturised after wash
  • It kills 99% of germs
5 Litre Hand Soap

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