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TMS Packaging is a jack of all trades, we offer you far more than you can think of because exceeding your expectations is a thing we love doing. As Australia’s leading packaging supplies company we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure you get the very best of everything we have to offer.

Going above and beyond is what we do best and although we do sell packaging boxes we do not box ourselves on the variety of supplies we have available for you on demand. This is why we have an entire Hospitality & Washroom catalog for you. We offer you the best products in that department and our quality promise remains the same.

Our Hospitality & Washroom catalog has a multitude of products ranging from toilet rolls to a simple Hand Roll Towel. Give yourself, your customers, and your employees the opportunity to use and enjoy our quality Hand Roll Towel. With a texture and softness so unbelievable you will always want to have a roll in your washroom, kitchen and anywhere else you can keep it.

If you are in the hospitality industry you surely understand the importance of quality when it comes to sanitation products. People are more likely to use your services or visit your establishment again if they feel you have added quality to every detail, especially one which involves products that they go into direct contact with. It's the feeling of being thought of and cared about that counts even if it is just for their hands. The sanitary advantage of a good Hand Roll Towel can go a long way, as you can perform very quick clean-ups for small or large messes on tables, counters, and chairs

Our Hand Roll Towel is highly absorbent, this makes it very much ideal for cleaning up spills and absorbing oils. You can also use this absorbance to your advantage in the kitchen too, a great way to do so is by placing some Hand Roll Towel on a plate before putting your fried foods like bacon or sausages so the excess grease can be absorbed.

Shop and browse our catalog for more great Hospitality & Washroom products we have to offer you. We have it all prepped and ready for you to purchase.

Hand roll towels are a popular option for hand drying in many settings. Here are some of the many benefits of using hand-roll towels:

Hand-roll towels are one of the most hygienic hand-drying options. They are single-use, meaning each user gets a clean towel to dry their hands with.

Hand roll towels are convenient to use, as they can be quickly and easily dispensed from a wall-mounted dispenser.

Hand roll towels are highly absorbent, so they can quickly and effectively dry hands with minimal waste.

Hand roll towels are suitable for various settings, from commercial bathrooms to kitchen facilities to laboratories and medical settings.

    Puro Hand Roll Towel

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