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Different industries have different requirements regarding the safety precautions workers have to take to ensure optimal productivity and safety. This can come in the form of uniforms, accessories, and more. TMS Packaging understands this, and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products that keep our promise of reliability, quality, and efficiency. Gloves are a popular item in protective apparel because they are the only option for protecting hands adequately. Different gloves work well for different industries; gloves like vinyl gloves are ideal for people working with chemicals, wires, etc.

Benefits of using Vinyl gloves
-They are cost effective
-They are latex free
They are anti-static
-They are flexible

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 100 Gloves Per Box
  • Made from quality PVC
  • Protection against work-safe hazards
  • Made for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Available in Blue & Clear.
Vinyl Glove Low Powder

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