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Packaging comes in many forms, each proven more convenient than the last. Corrugated cardboard boxes are slowly becoming less popular because of other packaging options, such as mailing bags. Although cardboard boxes are versatile and robust, mailing bags have proven to be just as versatile, if not more, and also prove to be a better option.

Reasons why you should use mailing bags for packaging


If you're packaging regularly or occasionally, cost-effective options are always best. Bags are lightweight and can help reduce postage costs. This is a great convenience for your budget, your business, and how much you charge for shipping. Delivery prices often lead to customers being put off and not returning.

Prevents water damage

Nobody wants to receive a damaged package, so the waterproof qualities of the tough-mailing bag make it an excellent choice for packing and delivering goods, especially in wet weather. Some mailing bags also offer at least three layers of protection, making them almost entirely waterproof.

Environmentally friendly

If you are very big on playing your part in protecting the environment, then this packaging option is perfect for you. Most mailing bags are 100% recyclable, especially those made from polythene.

Extremely versatile

The key to any business's success in terms of being different and unique is how they customise the packaging. This is why some packaging suppliers offer mailing bags in various colours, sizes, and special features in quality. Some even provide personalised printing, allowing you to add your style to the meaning design and marketing messages if you have any. This can help your customers identify your business and boost customer loyalty.

Product Specs

  • QTY: 75 to 300 Per Carton
  • Plastic bubble mailers
  • 3-layer bubble lining
  • It helps protect against moisture
  • Sold in a variety  sizes to meet customer's needs
Maxi-Tuff Mailing Bags (Sold Per Carton)

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