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Poly strapping is one of the most effective and reliable methods of protecting packages in transit.
This is why it is essential that when you choose your poly strap, you ensure that it is high-quality and can be applied in different ways so that you do not have to struggle with the application,
whether you have a strapping machine or you do it by hand.

Poly strapping helps prevent packages from breaking open in case of unintended force and also helps ensure that nobody tempers with the packaging.

TMS packaging is dedicated to providing the best quality regarding strapping and accessories.
Our black poly strapping is of the highest quality and guaranteed to ensure that your packages remain safe from when they leave the warehouse until they reach their destination.
It is also highly durable.

Product Specs:
Available in 15mm & 19mm
Preferred strap to gain maximum value and efficiency afforded by your automatic strapping machine
Black Poly Strapping (HVY)

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