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The many different applications of filament tape showcase its broad application in various industries, from the packing of food to the most basic tasks in the workplace. Filament tape is unlike any other on the market because it is constructed from incredibly fine fibreglass threads, giving it an incredible tensile strength for its thickness.

Uses for Crossweave filament tape

-Pallets in the office and storage areas can be secured with filament tape.
Storage is a common requirement in the office, but stored items must frequently be relocated. Pallets and boxes can be grouped and secured using filament tape until the products are required.

-Filament tape is a versatile tool that can be used as a border application when welding or painting metal, and it belongs in every workshop. It shines in this respect because it removes entirely from the surface, leaving no trace behind. The adhesion and bundling qualities of filament tape make it worthwhile for workers in the automotive manufacturing industry.

-Wire or pipe bundling? Because filament tape doesn't conduct electricity, it is the ideal material to use in the workplace for bundling electrical cables and other electronics.

Product Specs: 
QTY: 24 Rolls Per Carton
Dimensions: 48mm x 45m
High-strength cross weave enhances its strength and prevents stretching
Ideal for securing all transport goods

Crossweave Filament Tape (Sold Per Carton)

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