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A tape dispenser is one of the many tools used in the packaging industry. It takes away the tedious task of measuring in cut packaging tape.
It removes the messy process altogether and optimises productivity.

Why is it beneficial to use tape dispensers

Increases packaging speed
Using a tape dispenser helps skip specific steps in the process of packaging.
Using a tape dispenser cuts the processing time in half and allows you to get through more packages than you would if you were cutting and measuring the tape yourself.
This advantage is applicable regardless of whether you are using a handheld dispenser or a semi-automatic one.

It’s consistent
Regarding packaging, adequate packaging requires consistency for all the packages to look the same and be presentable.
It does not matter how good the person is with the packaging. No human can package every single box consistently and flawlessly.
Luckily, Tape dispenses help reduce the number of mistakes and errors with the packaging, primarily if you use a new high-end model.

Reduces Product Waste
Using your hands and scissors has proven to be wasteful. This is because using scissors to cut the tape open leads to the tape folding and losing adhesive properties.
Tape dispensers help reduce this wastage.

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Product Specs:
Sold Individually
ideal for general box sealing for the office, storage facilities and warehouses
Simple one-handed easy operation
H10 Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

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