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TMS Packaging provides high-quality filament tape designed for heavy-duty strapping applications. Filament tape is primarily used for heavy-duty strapping applications.

It is regarded as a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape recognized by its sticky backing that attaches to a surface with minimal pressure, compared to heat-sensitive or water-activated tape.

The difference between filament tape and other packing tapes

Filament tape contrasts with other adhesive packing tapes because of its design and features when in use. Unlike other tapes, filament tape has embedded fiberglass filaments. It is intended to be stronger and form bonds that last longer.

The key features that make filament tape stand out as unique include the following:

-It is stronger than the typical adhesive tape

-It can resist moisture and solvents

-It has a higher tensile strength

-It has synthetic rubber adhesive for a longer-lasting bond

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 24 to 48 Rolls Per Carton
  • Helps secure heavy products
  • High tack adhesive

One Way Filament Tape (Sold Per Carton)

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