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Electrical insulation tape, available in mixed colours, provides not only a functional tool for electrical repairs and installations but also an opportunity to organise and colour-code wiring systems effectively. With a generous quantity of 120 rolls per carton, this product ensures that both professionals and DIY enthusiasts have ample supply for various projects. Each roll measures 18mm in width and 20m in length, offering a substantial amount of tape for insulating, bundling, and identifying electrical wires and cables.

This multi-coloured tape assortment is specifically designed to meet diverse electrical needs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's for residential electrical work, automotive wiring, or even complex electronic installations, these tapes provide a reliable insulation solution. The variety of colors available can be used to adhere to standard wiring color codes, thereby enhancing safety and simplifying maintenance or future alterations to the wiring system.

Moreover, the versatility of these tapes extends beyond their electrical insulation capabilities. They can also be utilised for general-purpose labeling, temporary repairs, or even creative projects that require a durable and adhesive tape in various colors. The product's suitability for different requirements makes it a valuable addition to any toolkit, ensuring that whenever there's a need for electrical insulation or color-coding, these tapes are ready to perform.

  • QTY: 120 Rolls Per Carton 
  • Dimensions: 18mm x 20m
  • 520 Electrical Insul Tape Mixed Colours
  • Multi Coloured Tape.
  • Suitable for electrical needs 
  • Suitable for all different requirements 
Electrical Insul Tape Mixed Colours (Sold Per Carton)

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