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The Black Artline 70 permanent marker stands out as an exceptional tool for anyone in need of reliable and enduring marks on a variety of surfaces. Whether you're working with wood, metal, paper, or plastic, the Artline 70's high-quality ink ensures that your writing not only stays put but also remains vibrant and clear over time. This versatility makes it an indispensable asset for both professional settings and personal projects.

Understanding the diverse needs of its clients, TMS Packaging offers the Black Artline 70 in a convenient 12-pack, ensuring that you're well-stocked for any task at hand. Each marker features a bullet tip design, which is perfect for precise work and offers the flexibility needed to tackle different writing or drawing tasks. The ink's quick-drying property further enhances its usability, reducing the risk of smudging and allowing for a seamless application on even the most challenging surfaces like glass and cardboard.

TMS Packaging's commitment to supplying high-quality office and workspace tools is reflected in their selection of the Black Artline 70 markers. This product not only meets the high standards expected by professionals and hobbyists alike but also exemplifies the company's dedication to providing durable, efficient, and versatile writing instruments. Whether you're labeling, creating art, or marking important items, the Black Artline 70 permanent marker is a reliable choice that promises longevity and performance across all different surfaces.

Product Specs:
- QTY: 12 Pack Of Markers 
- Bullet Tip
- Suitable for all different surfaces, including wood, steel, glass and cardboard
- Dries very quickly 

Black Artline 70 Permanent Marker

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