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When it comes to choosing the right marker for all your writing and drawing needs, the Black Artline 725 permanent marker stands out as a top contender. Designed to cater to both professionals and hobbyists alike, this marker is a versatile tool that ensures your projects are marked by precision and quality. Whether you're annotating documents in the office, labeling items at home, or sketching out your next big idea on the go, the Artline 725 is your reliable partner for clear and lasting marks.

One of the key features of the Artline 725 is its smooth ink flow coupled with a durable 0.4MM tip, making it ideal for creating super fine and permanent lines. This precision is complemented by the quick-drying nature of the ink, reducing the likelihood of smudges and ensuring your work remains clean and professional. Moreover, the marker's ink is not only waterproof but also wear-resistant, meaning your markings withstand the test of time, regardless of exposure to elements or frequent handling.

For those ready to stock up on this indispensable tool, TMS Packaging is your go-to source. Offering a 12-pack of Artline 725 markers, TMS Packaging ensures you have ample supply for all your writing and drawing endeavors. Alongside markers, TMS Packaging provides a vast array of office supplies, making it a convenient one-stop shop for high-quality products. Trust in the reliability and performance of the Black Artline 725 permanent marker for all your creative and professional projects and let TMS Packaging take care of the rest.

Product Specs:
- QTY: 12 Pack Of Markers
- 0.4MM Tip 
- Ideal for writing and drawing with super fine and permanent lines
- Ink dries quickly 
- Waterproof and wear-resistant 

Black Artline 725 Permanent Marker

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