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Staples are a commonly used office supply item that can benefit individuals and businesses. Here are some benefits of using Bostitch staples:

Bostitch Staples can bind multiple pages together, creating a neat and organised document. This allows individuals to sort through important papers and improve overall efficiency easily.

When using staples, documents are more secure and less likely to fall apart or lose pages. This is particularly important for business documents or important legal papers.

Using a staple can be much faster than other methods of binding paper, such as paper clips or tape. This can help to save time and increase productivity.

Staples are an incredibly cost-effective way to bind documents. They are often more affordable than binding materials, such as binders or folders.

Staples can be used for various applications, including binding important documents at the office, creating booklets or pamphlets, or even crafting projects.

Product Specs:
Sold individually
QTY: 5,000 Staples
Staple leg length 10mm
Ideal for working with textiles
Thin wire designed to staple almost invisible

Bostitch Staples

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