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Cable ties can be a useful and cost-effective tool in packaging applications, helping to ensure that items are securely packaged, tamper-evident, and neatly presented.

Here are some of the benefits of using cable ties for pacakging:

Secure packaging:
Cable ties can bundle and fasten items together securely. This is particularly useful when packaging fragile, heavy, or oddly shaped items.
Cable ties can be used to create a tamper-evident seal on packages. Once a cable tie is applied, it cannot be removed without cutting it, making it easy to detect if a package has been opened or tampered with.
Easy to use:
Cable ties are simple and do not require special tools or equipment. This can help to speed up the packaging process and reduce labour costs.
Cable ties come in various sizes and strengths, making them suitable for various packaging applications.
Cable ties are relatively inexpensive compared to other packaging materials, such as tape or strapping.
Neat appearance:
Cable ties can create a neat and organized appearance for packaged items, enhancing the overall presentation and appeal of the product.

Product Specs:
QTY: 100 Per Bag
Self-Locking nylon cable ties
UV resistant- Prolonging life in outdoor applications
Available in Black & White
Cable Tie

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