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To many, a work uniform represents the business itself and is an essential part of their work identity. Although, in some industries, work apparel is an accurate safety measure that needs to be met due to the intensity and exposure to harmful chemicals and viruses. In such sectors, disposable coveralls are necessary, but there is more to disposable coveralls than meets the eye. TMS Packaging provides high-quality products for numerous industries to help make work a safer environment. Our disposable coveralls are designed by the best in the industry. Trust us to provide you with reliable, safe, and effective products.

The benefits of disposable coveralls

They are sustainable.
Because they are single-use items, disposable coveralls are made from reusable and recyclable materials. This makes them a sustainable product that is designed to help decrease waste.

They are effective in protection and are comfortable to wear.
Protective gear must be comfortable throughout the day. Different fabrics have been used to produce disposable coveralls. Workers are guaranteed to be comfortable as they go about their day.

They are cost-effective.
Although permanent coveralls are designed to last longer, disposable coveralls are more cost-effective. This is because disposable coveralls are recyclable, reusable, and sold in bulk at lower prices than permanent overalls.

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 50 Per Carton
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric
  • Blue
  • One size fits all
  • Low-cost protection for dirty environments
  • Elasticised wrist, waist, ankles, and hood
  • Two-way zipper
Coveralls Disposable Polypropylene (Sold Per Carton)

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