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Wet floor signs warn customers of a slippery substance on the walking surface. This could be due to cleaning or other factors, such as accidental spills, product leaks, or severe weather.
Wet floor signs, like any other safety sign, are vital in all workplaces.

Why is it essential to have a wet floor sign?

They help with safety.
This is the most important reason to use wet floor signs. Your obligation as a business manager is to protect the safety of everyone who goes through your doors. Put up wet floor signs on the slippery ground to ensure people are adequately informed.

They help reduce the risk of accidents.
Slips and trips are among the top causes of workplace accidents. Employers increasingly find themselves at the centre of a lawsuit or a significant compensation payout due to injuries such as fractured bones caused by slips and falls.

Wet Floor Signs, for example, can help dramatically minimise the frequency of slip-related injuries in your organisation.

Product Specs:
folding design allows for convenient storage and easy transportation
The double-sided message reads, "caution wet floor."

Wet Floor Sign

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