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Garment bags are ideal for protecting clothes from damage due to dust and other elements when in transit or storage. They are also great for keeping essential attires like suits wrinkle-free when travelling.
Benefits of having a garment bag

Great for travelling
When journeying, a garment bag is advantageous. Garment bags were created to help you transport your clothing securely from one location to another. The object is a soft-sided piece of luggage made to transport clothes typically hung up. Garment bags prevent wrinkles during transit.

They protect clothing
Clothes can become mouldy and ruined when exposed to moisture, whether through the air, due to flooding issues, or a pipe burst. Your clothing may become faded and yellowed over time. This is the result of both oxidations over time and exposure to sunshine. Given the issues mentioned above, a garment suitcase can be very helpful.

Great for keeping clothes organised
Organising your wardrobe, including the tasks that make it simpler to match clothes, is another practical application for clothing bags. Using this method, you can track where each piece of clothing is in the wardrobe and ensure everything is clear. Sort the clothing into the garment bag by category and style.

Product Specs:
QTY: 450 Bags Per Roll
Dimensions: 560 x 1220 x 17um
Garment bags help protect your clothing from dust & water
Garment bags help keep your clothes fresh
Garment Bag

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