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Heavy packages can be a huge inconvenience if they catch you by surprise. Putting in much energy to lift a package and not knowing how heavy it is can be very strenuous and lead to a back injury. Plastering a heavy label on cumbersome items is pivotal to avoiding this inconvenience. Trust TMS Packaging to provide you with high-quality heavy labels to help prevent avoidable work accidents due to heavy items not being handled with caution.

Benefits of using heavy labels

Helps avoid accidents at work.
When a heavy package is labelled accordingly, it reduces the risk of negligent handling, which could lead to injury.

Alerts the handler on how to deal with the package.
People who handle packages deserve the courtesy of being alerted if they need tools to move or carry a package. These alerts should first come from the package labelling to make the work easier.

Acts as a guide when packing.
Knowing how heavy a package is can lead to careful packing. Imagine having a hefty package packed on a fragile package; that is a definite recipe for disaster! A heavy label will help packers determine which packages should be at the bottom due to their weight.

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 500 Labels Per Roll
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm
  • Colour: Black on Yellow
  • Heavy Labels ensure that customers' packaging is handled appropriately
  • Informs the carrier to take care when lifting or handling the packaging
Heavy Label

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