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Our hands are our most beloved tools when doing tasks; that’s why workers in specific industries need their hands to be always protected. In some industries, hand injuries are a hazard that cannot be avoided if the proper precautions are not taken, such as wearing the appropriate gloves. This can easily be avoided when businesses provide workers with Soroca Cut 5 Hi-Vis gloves from TMS Packaging. Trust TMS Packaging to provide high-quality gloves to help ensure that you and your workers are adequately protected when you work with your hands. Reduce the risks of employee injuries on duty and maintain healthy productivity.

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 12 Pairs Per Box
  • HPPE glove green with black micro-foam nitrile palm
  • Breathable and provides great flexibility
  • Double layer that helps reduce hand fatigue
  • It comes in a variety of different sizes
Soroca Cut 5 Hi-Vis Green Glove (Sold Per Carton)

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