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Per the Dangerous Australian Goods (ADG) Code, Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods are substances and articles that present a danger or hazard not covered by the other eight dangerous goods classes when in transit.

This vast range of goods includes lithium-ion batteries, genetically modified organisms, life-saving devices and polymeric beads.

Examples of miscellaneous items

-Battery-Powered equipment

-Dry ice

-Fish Food

-First Aid Kits

-Lithium batteries

-Ammonium nitrate fertilisers

-Airbag inflators

-Airbag modules

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 500 to 1,000 Labels Per Roll
  • Act following Australian Standard AS 1216-2006
  • Safety Precaution Marking
  • Black & White

Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances Class 9

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