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When it comes to products that need to be in transit, packaging alone is not enough because when products and packages are in transit, they get exposed to various hazards that could damage the packaging and items inside.

This is why covering your pallet with a black pallet top sheet is crucial. Many setbacks and unfortunate events can be avoided with this simple protective layer.

What are the benefits of using a Black Pallet Top Sheet?

Using a black pallet top sheet is highly beneficial in protecting your palate when in transit; some of the benefits that come with using this packaging accessory include the following:

It leads to increased product protection.

As mentioned before, when used with a pallet wrap, our black pallet top sheet helps protect your loads from environmental harm from dirt, dust, and moisture.

It helps reduce product damage.

The black palette top sheet helps to ensure that your products are secure and also helps create a stable load that is less likely to move while in transit.

Helps improve inventory control

Having your products together helps create a well-organised inventory, which is executed much easier and accurately.

This reduces the possibility of your products getting separated, which can lead to efficient and timely inventory counts.

Product Specs

  • QTY: 250 Sheets Per Roll
  • HDPE Black C/F 840mm x 1680mm
  • Protection from weather, dust, and other types of contaminants in transit or storage
  • perforated sheets make it easy to tear

Black Pallet Top Sheet

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