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When it comes to package protection from natural forces during transit pallet wrapping has been a reliable method.

Pallet wrapping ensures that packages are not exposed to elements like dust, rain, sunlight, and other contaminants that risk damaging products before they reach their designated destination.

Unfortunately, one can never be too safe. This is because there is always a better way to secure and protect your pallet by using a TMS packaging clear pallet top sheet.

When is top sheeting necessary in pallet wrapping?

If keeping your products in good condition when in storage or transit is a huge priority, top sheeting becomes a necessity regardless of the context in which you choose to use it.

There are various factors around why top sheeting is crucial in specific situations.

When long-term storing products that are sensitive to dust

Top sheeting can be necessary when storing products that are highly sensitive to dust. Based on the type of packaging used, pallet loads containing products such as electronics, clothing, furniture, artwork, etc.

are susceptible to long-term dust exposure and collection. This can lead to financial loss because such products cannot be sold as “new” if not extensively cleaned.

To make matters worse, electronics stand to suffer the most damage if they collect dust, so they need adequate protection.

More than a pallet wrapping around your products is required in this case, as dust can still access your pallet's top part.

This is why it is better to give extra protection by top sheeting; this way, you ensure that all sides are covered, including the top part.

Protect your goods in wet and humid conditions

Condensation, humidity, and moisture are leading causes of damage to products and packages bought and shipped worldwide.

Pallet wrapping can be a wise investment depending on how high the levels of humidity the environment has.

Top sheeting is ideal for storing products in high humidity and low moisture environments.

Protection from UV rays

Top sheeting helps protect products that are sensitive to UV rays from damage if paired with a good pallet stretch film.

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 250 Sheets Per Roll
  • HDPE Natural C/F 840mm x 1680mm

Protection from rain, dust and other types of contaminants through transit or storage

Clear Pallet Top Sheet

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