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Regular hand washing is now a crucial part of life. Because of this, all public spaces, from malls to offices, public restrooms, and kitchens to schools and warehouses, need soap dispensers and access to clean water for hand washing. TMS Packaging provides high-quality hand wash liquid soap to help ensure business owners introduce good hygiene practices in the workspace and all public spaces.

Benefits of regular hand washing
-Reduce the spread of germs and bacteria
-It helps people practice good hygiene
-Reduces the risk of illness
-It is good for your business image as customers associate your place of work with cleanliness if they use your restrooms and find that you offer soap dispensers

Product Specs:
  • 20 Litre hand wash
  • Keeps hands nice and moisturised after wash
  • It kills bacteria and 99.9% of germs
Pearly Pink Hand Wash

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