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Strapping is a sure way to secure pallets and products from damage in transit or storage. This method is poly strapping. TMS Packaging provides the best materials and tools to execute it.

Types of Poly Strapping and their benefits

Composite Polyester

-It’s non-abrasive

-It’s solid and durable.

-It’s re-tensionable

-It’s Shock absorbent.

-It has a high retained tension.

-Hotmelt Polyester

It’s gentle on delicate edges and surfaces.

-The hotmelt lamination enables controlled uncoiling.

-It’s weatherproof and UV resistant

-It has an environmentally responsible glue resin

-It is shock absorbent

Woven Polyester

-It’s lightweight

-It’s shock absorbent

-It is re-tensionable

-It has equal strength to steel strapping

-It’s weather resistant

Product Specs:

Preferred strap to gain maximum value and efficiency afforded by your automatic strapping machine

Poly Strapping

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