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Although poly-woven strapping is the safest and ideal form, more can be done to make it much more convenient. That is through using high-quality strapping accessories such as a poly-woven strap dispenser.

Why should you own a strap dispenser?

Much like all other strapping tools, strap dispensers are designed to bring convenience and simplicity to packaging. The benefits of using one vary from increased productivity to shorter downtime.

Workers will not feel as strained when strapping by using a strapping dispenser compared to doing it by hand.

Trust TMS Packaging to supply you with the best strapping tools on the market. We offer a variety of tools that are designed to bring ease and convenience to your work and that of your workers

Product Specs:

Available in Blue & Red

Polywoven Strap retains high tension for long periods and can be retained anytime during transit or storage.

No sharp edges to 'snap back' when cut - reduces workplace injuries.

Polywoven Strap

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