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Post-it notes are widely used in offices, schools, and homes for good reason - these small, colourful pieces of paper have numerous benefits. Here are some benefits of using Post-it notes:

Boosts productivity:
Post-it notes are an excellent organisational tool that helps keep track of tasks and deadlines. They can be used to set reminders, prioritize tasks, and break down bigger projects into smaller, manageable goals.
Enhances collaboration:
Post-it notes can generate ideas during group brainstorming sessions. Group members can write their thoughts on the notes, which can then be stuck on a wall, whiteboard, or table for everyone to see and build upon.
Improves memory retention:
Writing down information on Post-it notes and placing them in a prominent location can help individuals remember important details, such as a phone number or upcoming event.
Promotes creativity:
Using different colours and sizes of Post-it notes can help stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas.
Post-it notes are an inexpensive office supply, making them a budget-friendly organizational tool for professional and personal use.

Product Specs:
QTY: 12 Packs Per Carton
Perfect for taking messages and reminders
Suitable for use on almost any surface
It easily removes stains from the surface and does not leave any sticky residue
Dimensions: 73mm x 73mm
Post It Note

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