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The best-known qualities of acrylic packing tapes are their resilience to harsh temperatures and weather and excellent performance in sealing various boxes.

Here are all the specifics on acrylic box tape that you should know:
- Operate superbly in temperatures ranging from 32 to 140 degrees Celsius
- The best option for both low and high-humidity situations
-Offered in hand and machine grade, they are very resistant to oxidation, which means they won't age or turn yellow when exposed to sunlight.
-They are most frequently used for long-term storage at erratic or varying temperatures, light case sealing, and in refrigerated environments.

Product Specs:
QTY: 6 Rolls Per Carton
PP104 Acrylic Clear Machine Package Tape
Dimensions: 48mmx1000m
Polypropylene tape with high-quality water-based acrylic adhesive
A low-cost option for general packaging and carton sealing

Acrylic Clear Machine Package Tape (Sold Per Carton)

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