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Strapping can be tedious, but luckily, strapping accessories makes it easier. Unfortunately, some accessories create more work for employees than necessary.

Nowadays, convenience is often just a click-and-cart clearance away, especially when shopping with TMS Packaging! Relieve your workers of the stressful task of pulling and carrying strapping machines that require to be plugged in.

Reduce the risk of injury at work due to tripping over the cables attached to the strapping machine and get more work done.

All of this is possible with a battery-operated PET strapping machine.

This type of strapping machine is portable, reliable, efficient and convenient, and you can get yours at TMS Packaging!

Benefits of using a battery-operated strapping machine
-It’s portable, so workers can take it anywhere in the warehouse or outside when needed.
-It reduces the risk of injury from tripping over cables
-It is cost-effective because it does not use electricity

Product Specs: 
PET (13-16mm) CMT260 +1 Battery & Charger

Battery Operated PET Strapping Machine

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