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QTY: 12 Rolls Per Carton 

TMS packaging understands that your packaged goods go through a whole journey before arriving at your customers. This journey consists of multiple stops and your package being scanned, handled in different ways, and also prioritised based on the content.

Having correct and appropriate labelling on your packages can help in ensuring that they are handled with care. Labels are also good for protecting packages against natural damage which ensures that they are received in good condition.

We have a variety of labels and labelling to offer you from Thermal Direct Label to a multitude of labels & marking you can choose from.

Our Thermal Direct Label suits a wide range of machinery that you may use including Zebra, Meto, Intermec, Datamax, and TEC. It is ideal for creating product and inventory labels for quick and easy identification, it also has thermal transfer technology to ensure endurance when treated roughly, rubbing, and under sunlight.

A Thermal Direct Label is perfect for printing your company name and logo as it ensures that your packages will be easily distinguished and unique. It is also helpful in ensuring that you print warning directions or any other message that will be appearing on your packages.

Our Direct Thermal Label is perfect for whichever industry you may be in from retail to Logistics. Direct Thermal Label is a good choice for retail package labelling, especially in sectors like the food sector because the labels will be exposed to high levels of moisture and rough handling during transit this is where Direct thermal Label truly shines as it remains unaffected ensuring that no matter the transition your packages arrive correctly labeled to your customers.

Direct thermal labels are very simple to use and are cost-effective which allows for higher productivity. They are also clear which allows you to print clear readable images. They are suitable for 1D and 2D barcodes. All these features are pivotal for impressive labels & marking your customers will appreciate.

Browse and shop our catalog for our Direct Thermal Label and other labels & marking you may need for your packages. We have all you need to ensure transparency and direction on how your packages should be approached and handled. Also, labels for your work environment too, to ensure your space is up to par.

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