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Clear packing tape is perhaps the most popular option for sealing boxes, so everyone should be familiar with it. Acrylic tape is incredibly simple to use. It is a piece of plastic with a unique adhesive on one side.
Benefits of clear acrylic tape:
-In the long run, acrylic tapes are frequently highly stable. Because of how little this substance will contact nature, it will hold its stability over time. They are not susceptible to oxidation or UV light damage.
-Moreover, acrylic tapes adhere more firmly to soiled or dusty surfaces. They typically adhere to a surface even in the presence of a bit of dirt because their adhesive is stickier. This is crucial in an industrial setting where it's difficult to maintain everything clean and free of dust and filth.
-Plastic adheres to acrylic tape quite nicely. It is recommended to wrap the tape entirely and adhere it to itself when applying it to another material. But when used to tape a thin plastic surface, the acrylic tape can produce an almost permanent bond.

Product Specs:
QTY: 36 Rolls Per Carton
Dimensions: 48mm x 75m
Suitable for all packaging/transport needs
Ideal for lightweight cartons

TMS Packaging Tape Clear Acrylic (Sold Per Carton)

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