Best Packaging Suppliers in Australia

Best Packaging Suppliers in Australia

Mo Kassaby

The Australian packaging industry is one of the leading and fast-growing packaging industries in the world providing packaging supplies for various sectors and industries on a global scale. With numerous packaging suppliers that have years of experience and a unique and innovative take on the industry, it is of no surprise that Australia is the home ground for a number of the best packaging suppliers in the world.

Some of these packaging suppliers have been in operation for years and have found a way to keep up with the trends and also know how to cater to numerous sectors. Although there may be those who are recognised on a global scale as the best, there are also those who are still making a name for themselves and provide high-quality services on the same level as globally recognised companies for Australia and soon the world. 

The best packaging suppliers in Australia 

  • TMS is a full-range, family-owned, supply chain provider. The company has been in operation for almost 20 years and has grown into one of the leading transport managing services in Australia. TMS has numerous warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, making it one of Australia’s most prolific packaging suppliers.

    The company specialises in packaging and consumables, distributing packaging material, and providing supply chain management services in customised software solutions and 3PL services in a unique business model. TMS Packaging, a subsidiary of TMS, has a variety of collections from bags and tubing, poly bags for shipping, carton packaging and boxes, cleaning chemicals clutters and blades, office products, printing labels, and marking.

    This company may not be recognised on a global scale but it is one for the books simply because it is fast-growing and innovative and offers a variety of services when it comes to packaging supplies in Australia. TMS has proven to be capable of being recognised as one of the best packaging suppliers around. 


    Although headquartered in Switzerland. Amcor was originally founded in Australia and has a secondary headquarter in Melbourne Australia. The company has been operating since 1860 and has over 60 years of experience in the packaging supplies industry, which makes them one of the oldest packaging suppliers around. 

    Amcor Limited has operations in more than 40 countries, making it one of the largest global packaging companies. The company specialises in flexible packaging supplies for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and home care Industries. 


    Orora Limited is headquartered in Hawthorn Australia the company was founded in 1949 and provides sustainable packaging supplies for numerous sectors such as the food Healthcare technology and retail Industries. Aurora is currently running operations in 7 countries and has 55 solution centres and 19 manufacturing plants.


    Founded in June 2002 by Raphael Geminder, Pack Group Holdings is headquartered in Richmond Australia, and has the largest manufacturing scale of rigid packaging products in Australia. The company designs and manufactures sustainable, eco-friendly packaging from its own recycled material if you are looking for more sustainable packaging they are the packaging suppliers to talk to. Pack Group Holdings supplies packaging for the dairy, beverages, fresh, and processed food industries. 


    Founded in 1995 Royal Wolf Holdings is the largest container packaging provider in Australia and New Zealand. The company specialises in selling and hiring new, second-hand or used, and modified storage and shipping containers in different sizes which can be customised or modified according to the intended use. 

    Thoughts on Australian Packaging Suppliers 

    The packaging supplies industry has proven to be one of the most competitive industries in existence. It seems the secret to longevity in this industry lies in the capability to reinvent oneself and to keep up with global trends as the world is on a continual shift, also sustainability and awareness have proven to be additional key ingredients in maintaining growth and recognition.