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How to select the ideal stretch film packaging roll for your business

Mo Kassaby
Transporting your products requires you to ensure they are well-packaged and secure for transit. One of the many easier ways to do this is by using a packaging stretch film roll. This method is easy, safe, and reliable because many businesses prefer packaging stretch film rolls due to their ability to withstand various weather conditions, environments, etc., that products may be exposed to when in transit. 

More often than not, the assumption is that all packaging stretch film rolls on the market are the same, but that could not be further from the truth. Packaging stretch film roll comes in different varieties that can be easily compared based on performance, price, and material composition. But there are other numerous components to keep an eye out for when choosing the suitable packaging stretch film roll for your business. 

This article will discuss choosing the ideal packaging stretch film roll for your business. 

How to choose the ideal packaging stretch film roll

Consider the layers of the film 
The number of layers of your packaging stretch film roll is crucial as they play a significant role in your roll's stretch capacity and strength. Today's packaging stretch rolls are made up of five layers. Some are more innovative as they contain up to 55 layers, offering high-end extrusion technology and resulting in high-performance and economical machine shrink wrap. 

Consider if it is eco-friendly 
Sustainability is everything these days, with a number of manufacturers choosing to play their part in creating a greener earth for present and future generations. The method to help practice sustainability when packaging stretch film rolls is by creating stretch film rolls with a higher ratio of recycled content to virgin polymer in their material. Unfortunately, until recently, most efforts of eco-friendly packaging stretch film roll have yet to be very successful in their ability to adequately stabilise and secure pallet loads whilst producing a low carbon footprint. 

Strides have been made, though, because an increased effort to introduce recycled material into the manufacturing process for packaging stretch film rolls has produced good results; in green credentials and market viability. 

Consider if it can be used for hand wrapping
Customers take note of how goods look when they are finally delivered to their doorsteps, and in most cases, how they are packed holds a lot of weight. Whether using the band wrapping method or a machine, it is essential to care how well your goods are packed. A couple of packaging stretch film roll variants are suitable for hand wrapping. These products are stretched in the manufacturing process and then rolled onto the core in their stretched state. Once applied, they return to their original condition and compress against the load, offering improved load stability. 

Final thoughts 

TMS packaging offers a variety of packaging products for all your packaging needs. Browse our website to find a packaging stretch film roll suitable for your business to ensure you get the best quality for your goods and customers. Contact us today to find out more about all the packaging we have to offer.