Must ask questions for your potential Box Supplier

Must ask questions for your potential Box Supplier

Mo Kassaby

Choosing the proper packaging for your products can be a challenge. It is not as easy as just picking a box and that’s it. The task involves selecting the right box supplier who can and will deliver quality boxes and services you can rely on. This can be tedious because it means having to build a relationship with a supplier you can trust and rely on. 

In this article, we will discuss the five key questions every business owner should ask their potential box supplier when searching for suitable boxes for their business packaging. 

5 Questions to ask your potential box supplier

  • Is custom packaging an option? 
  • Custom packaging is vital when it comes to standing out and branding your business. Custom packaging gives your business an identity that customers can be accustomed to and associate your services with. Using customised packaging ensures that your customers have a memorable experience when unboxing their products and it encourages an emotional connection to your brand, as it helps in making them feel valued and appreciated for their support. This can result in good customer loyalty. When going through the screening period of choosing your box supplier be sure to ask if they offer custom packaging. 

  • Package quality check 
  • Good-looking boxes mean nothing to your customers if they do not uphold good quality. When you use lower-quality material packaging there's a higher chance of your products getting damaged during Transit. It is pivotal that when you choose a box supplier you must ensure that the material they use is safe and efficient, also giving your customers an easy unboxing process as well as minimal waste.

    There are different types of packaging but the three main types of packaging include: 

    • Corrugated boxes 
    • Polybags 
    • Chipboard and paperboard boxes

    When making the critical decision of selecting packaging that suits your business well you need to take note and choose the best packaging material that aligns and fits your particular product. You also need to check if the box supplier you choose to work with offers what you are specifically looking for or not. Packaging has to be and can be unique for a variety of products. This is why it's crucial to understand what works for your product before embarking on a partnership with a supplier. 

  • Are you making a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice? 
  • Sustainability and playing an active role in being environmentally friendly and aware are very important for every business today. A recent survey has provided new information that sustainable products and packaging have been deemed extremely important for companies to design environmentally conscious products by 80% of the participants. 

    The more customers and consumers are becoming aware and conscious about their role in decreasing their carbon footprint the likelihood of brands that share their values dating support becomes very high.

    When choosing your box supplier you need to make sure that they offer you environmentally friendly products.  

  • How will this suggest your budget? 
  • When choosing a box supplier you need to keep in mind the budget that you have so that you know exactly what you can spend on your packaging. The best way to ensure that you do not overspend or spend beyond your means is by looking for box suppliers that provide you with the best office such as selling in bulk or large quantities. You can also ensure that the company you select offers boxes that come in different sizes this way you will not have to spend the extra for the dimensional volume rate.

    Make sure that the company you have chosen to work with offers you the services so that you may be able to keep costs low and provide your customers with a memorable packaging experience that only you can offer.

  • Are you happy with the customer service? 
  • Good customer service equates to good communication which leads to a good working relationship between your business and the box supplier you choose to go with. When selecting a supplier make sure that you choose a company that offers good customer service that way you will be able to have clear communication with them whenever something goes wrong like a shipment getting lost or an order needing to be refunded. A helpful and skilled customer representative will be able to help you and your company's needs instantly. It's wise to do a background check to find out the kind of customer service that the company you are interested in offers. Do this by searching for online reviews and looking at their social media comment sections.

    Final thoughts 

    Packaging is a crucial aspect of your business because the kind of packaging you choose to use especially in box form is the representation of your business. Choose a box supplier that will be as hands-on and as dedicated as you are to offering your customers quality service. TMS packaging is the ideal box supplier to go for because we work with top-tier manufacturers to ensure that we offer the very best packaging supplies available on the market.