The advantages of using Foam bubble for shipping

The advantages of using Foam bubble for shipping

Mo Kassaby

Every type of packaging material has its own advantage that serves your product when in transit to your customers. The key reason for using packaging materials is to protect products and ensure that they arrive to customers in good condition. With that said different types of packaging materials have different advantages. 

In this article, we will be discussing the advantages of using Foam Bubble for shipping.

What are the advantages of using Foam Bubble for shipping? 

  • Costs less 
  • Foam Bubble is made up of lightweight material which in turn results in this packaging material being cost-effective for shipping. When it comes to shipping heavy items requires you to pay more. This means that when you protect your products or inventory with foam bubble you are most likely to pay less because you will not be adding the cost of extra weight from using other protective packaging material that weighs far more than bubble foam. Protect your packages for less. 

  • It is Non-Abrasive
  • Form bubble is the ideal protective packing material to use for shipping fragile and sensitive items such as electronics or glassware due to its non-abrasiveness. It helps in keeping and protecting your items from being scratched during transit. This is great for ensuring that you do not get any complaints or bad reviews from customers after receiving these items only to find them scratched or even slightly damaged upon arrival. 

  • It is Environmentally friendly 
  • If you are environmentally conscious and wish to use protective packaging material that reduces your carbon footprint then this is for you. Foam bubble also comes in recyclable low-density polyethylene. This material is recyclable because it can be used for a multitude of things customers can drop off their used foam bubble and a recycling centre. You can also save the Earth on your own terms by having unused or leftover foam bubble recycled at your local recycling centre.

  • Ideal for odd-shaped products 
  • Foam bubble is ideal for packaging uniquely shaped items. This is because the material can be adjusted and customised to fit around any shape and example of this would be that large sheets or pouches of foam bubble can be utilised in protecting uniquely shaped furniture preventing it from getting scratched when in transit or during shipping.

  • Lots of choices 
  • Foam bubble comes in a variety of products that can help you fulfil your customers' needs according to their specifications when shipping. Foam bubble products come in a wide selection; you can choose from pink anti-static foam, clear or printed film laminations, pouches, sheets, and tubing. The variety of form bubble products that you can find on the market made it a very popular packing material among business owners who are responsible for diverse Inventories. Foam bubble is also available for use in rolls which can aid in streamlining your shipping process. Your employees will have the convenience of easily tearing sheets of foam bubble wrap so they can have items efficiently wrapped and shipped. 

    Final thoughts 

    TMS packaging offers a variety of foam bubble products that you can choose from for your business. Browse our catalog to select your ideal product and make shipping easy and efficient for your business and your customers today.