Why Machine Packaging Tape is ideal for your packaging needs

Why Machine Packaging Tape is ideal for your packaging needs

Mo Kassaby

Machine packaging tape is primarily used on an automatic taping machine. Machine packaging tape is made from similar materials or sometimes entirely the same as handheld tape. But the two couldn't be more different. Machine packaging tape comes in larger and longer rolls than smaller handheld packing tapes.

This article will discuss reasons why you should opt for machine packaging tape for your business and the benefits of using machine packaging tape. 

Why machine packaging tape is beneficial to your business

Working in a packaging warehouse requires optimal efficiency; this is something many of those who work there know. The extensive length of machine packaging tape makes it ideal for efficiently packing high boxes. The availability of machine packaging tape is commonly in 1000m length rolls that are dispensed on an automatic packaging sealing machine. It comes in various adhesive types, such as Hybrid, Acrylic, Hot Melt, and Natural Rubber.

The usage of machine packaging tape comes with many advantages, some of which include the following;

  • Cost-effective 
  • Businesses always want to find ways to cut costs to reinvest the funds for the betterment and growth of the company. Saving money is always the primary advantage of using products that simplify the workspace. When it comes to how machine packaging tape helps save money, the simple answer lies in how manually applying tape creates an overuse and overall waste, leading to frequent restocking. But, machine packaging tape can significantly reduce costs by cutting down material wastage and increasing productivity.

  • Fewer damaged returns
  • The more robust and significantly secure sealing that comes with machine packaging tape means that the chances of the tape peeling off during transit and the risk of products getting damaged due to inadequate sealing are significantly less. This is a win for your business because fewer complaints mean your business will have a good reputation as customers and clients. 

  • Sealing Consistency
  • Using a machine packaging tape leads to consistent sealing, reducing the chance of over-taping and unsatisfactory finishes. The automated taping machine uses precise amounts of tape to seal your packages without changing or slowing down. This means your packages always look professional, neat, and presentable.

  • Lower Risk of injuries 
  • The strain and physical stress caused by manually applying tape to large boxes can be avoided with a taping machine because it reduces the amount of work that would usually be put in by someone doing manual labour. 

    The Disadvantages of machine packaging tape

    Like everything else, there are some disadvantages to using machine packaging tape. In this case, we only have two to mention, and they are as follows; 

    • Costly 

    The automated machines used to apply machine packaging tape can be pretty expensive compared to if you choose to use a hand dispenser.

    • Constant Requirement to change settings 

    Ideally, it would be great if the machine used for machine packaging tape could adjust to whatever box needs to be sealed at that moment, but unfortunately, the settings need to be changed manually for each box size which can be a bit tiring.

    Final thoughts

    TMS packaging offers quality machine packaging tape for your automated packaging sealing machine. Browse our catalogue to purchase quality tape today and ensure that all your packages are sealed efficiently and securely.